Desire’s Longings

In so short time,
Suddenly memories fade into dark nights, in obvious longings.
Stolen desires blazes into fiery crimson sunsets.
Darkness embraces a jaundiced heart,
Unfamiliar lyrics torches and tortures an unrelenting psyche.

When he last breathed in your warm promises,
And while your coy scents alluded to his willing nostrils,
He was entangled in your charming heart.
He thought that this singular moment would last forever.
But dreams and hopes eloped with her in a long night.
Sleep is impossible but slipping so possible.

Your essence is too potent and he too weak to refuse.
You’re his prescription that he denies to ascribe to.
He’d rather leave this sweet malaise to be.
The trill in your voice is the thrill in his stupid ears
Desire’s longings trespasses yet again…..

© copyright 2010 Ayoub Mzee


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