In A Life’s Day.

The morning hour,
easily dismisses the nocturnal ambitions,
and heralds a new dawn in new day.
wisps of the early shy morning mist,
clasps and cleaves my doting sentiment,
in a perky dance, misting away coyly,
in the air up there, atoning a gracious heart.

Daffodils, primroses, lilacs and geraniums,
eagerly embrace the sun’s bright kisses of remembrance.
The busy bee on a a sudden errant errand,
buzzes past my ear, intent on it’s onward sojourn,
to a succulent nectar.
The lark sings her song of praise,
for a good day,
the lyrics all too familiar,
the thrills and trills good for this sedated heart.

Nature’s goodness refuse to wane,
instead, it spans my entire being with more gladness.
I’m filled to the brim by the promise of a better tomorrow.
I rejoice in a cute rejoinder in this Nirvana,
It’s my Eden and ceding it I will not,
but will bestow it gladly to my children,
so that, they too, will have a taste of heaven.

Fresh earthly scents,
assail my nasals, in a gifted drift,
clustering at vital placements,
in this joyous garden of hope.
In a single elevated revelation,
I’m at one with nature,
telling my life’s day,
in vivid hues that affirm,
the natural beauty that callously,
we dismiss and ignore and leave it,
to the tree huggers………..


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