Sweet Witch

You send I packed desires.
Strayed longings fry my endings.
In vain I clutch at wily hopes.
Glossed lips mouth my wants.
Milky white teeth bite my trace fears.
Pout for I and I’ll offer a bouquet of dreams.
In a lesser day, a mightier and naughtier night falls.
Speak not; whisper instead your sins to I.
Will steal your heart in the dark night,
And hide it in my psyche,
To savour piece by piece and in bought peace.
Kill I softly with empty promises.
Prison I with sensuous and vain believes.
Debauchery beckons and I can’t reckon.
Stolen moments are sweetest and last least.
In dark darkness, momentary seduced sedation you offer.
You’re my sweetest longing.
A heart knows no sorrow; it acknowledges only brazen hired bliss.
Saccharine imaginations choke I with sweet renderings.
You’re some dark mist billowing hollow dreams.
I defy logic but choose to surrender to thy sweet witch…..

© copyright 2010 Ayoub Mzee


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