Your Doctor.

You’re my patient, I’m your patient doctor,
ready to eradicate your infirmities that have indisposed you.
I’ll quiet those unruly tempests raging in your hurt heart and body.
Your erstwhile woes will be banished together with your foes by my potent medicine.
This malaise shouldn’t be allowed to vanquish that beatific smile you callously throw at me once in a long while.

I’ve heard your lamentations,
And here I am, a knight in dark night, ready to administer strong medicine.
Relax and let me nurse you this night, with gingerly tendered care.
Is there pain in this breast? And in this waist? Breath in, breath out the kiss of life.
Let me see your eyes, ah, the vestiges of the coquette have been mellowed by jaundice.
But my not so diabolic concoctions will revamp the tease and the naughty glint of joy back in your eyes.

Your heart is hungering,
For it hasn’t been fed properly, it has a severe case of malnutrition.
A warm chicken soup will warm your soul and this vast emptiness will be filled with vital and vigour verve. And this syrup of intense love should be sipped every morning and before sleep everyday.
Shake well before use.Your internal hunger shall be relegated to antiquity my patient patient….
That void I will feel and fill with precious life to the brim until you’ll overflow with untamed and delirious ecstatic joy, unbridled by worry or anguish.
For I’m your doctor.

© Copyright 2011  Ayoub Mzee


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