Huddled together like hens,
Or better, monkering monkeys,
Heads close together and with an apt interest,
They consult in low murmurs,
Occasionally, a silly laugh escapes their lips,
Confirming yet again their business,

Gossip is so wonderful,
An excellent way of killing time.
It is a communication,
An exchange of juicy titbits about your neighbour, I hear the wife run away, you console your wicked heart.

Gossip is an artform and it has it’s  practioners, uncouth and mightly evil.
The beauty of gossip is it’s inherent anonymity.
You can never be held responsible for your utterances… you were told, you heard people talking. Gossip gives you a poetic licence, to embelish and twist the truth,
In whatever way you like fiend
Ah gossip.

© Copyright 2011  Ayoub Mzee


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