A Woman Knows

An enigmatic gaze.
A cryptic smile.
And a soft sigh escapes her breast.
She nods in agreement.
She holds forth life and its all intricate mysteries.
She is the custodian of recessed narrations.
She has known the truth.
A woman knows.

Where words deserts the truth,
Her heart knows it intimately.
No lie is ever sufficient.
She reads a life history, elegantly
And penned on a candid countenance.
Her warm embrace soaks the doubts, lies, fears, hopes, anger and angst.
You need not tell her.
A woman knows.

Sweet joy in another, she easily gleans.
A heavy heart in loneliness, she is instantly aware.
Hidden pain, she quickly understands.
Withheld empathy, she feels.
Words are unnecessary.
A woman knows.

Her silence is a license,
To seek and heed more from a hiding heart.
She clasps reality in her hands, and feeds a wanting soul.
Her acquaintance is a stipend paid by gods.
Her grace and gentleness is an atonement to a spirit in wildness and in need.
A woman feels.
A woman knows.
She knows.


6 thoughts on “A Woman Knows

  1. Thanks Ann. I have always had a warm relationship with my grandma and through her I got to understand each and every nuance of the female character. Grandma has a special way with words and her understanding of people. I can never tire learning from her. She reads one’s mind like a book. Thanks Ann for spotting that!

    1. How lucky you were to have such a woman in your life through so many formative years. I believe many people do not realise how much a child can be influenced for the good from a very early age .

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