Heavenly Father

In great samplication, we come to thee.
In immense gratitude, we beseech you to keep us closer in your grace.
The knowlegde that you exist in our hearts is affirming our heavenly father. You know of  us intimately.
You comprehend deeply of our weaknesses.
You are keenly aware of our inherently shortcomings.
Our hearts are truly naked before thy eyes.
No intent can lurk in our weak hearts without your perusa father.
We have continued to break your compassionate heart.
But heavenly father, you have never forsaken us.
You have instead continued to bless us more.
You haven’t given up upon us.
Each day is a miracle come true.
Heavenly father, we want to thank you and let you know that your glory and mightness will never wane but will spawn greatness and compassion.
We bow down before thee and humbly ask you to keep on looking after us, long when we can’t see anymore.
May you light up this path so that we may not stumble and fall down.
May you favour us with good tidings and protect us
from all that is evil and wicked.
Your heart silently hears our desires long before
we have mouthed them for you are truly  our heavenly father.

©2012 Ayoub Mzee


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