A Subterfuge.

Stumbling in a certain labyrinth of muttered thoughts,
A belle quips some love chimes.
Tapered feelings bluster cajoled agendas.
Wisps of spent verve surreptitiously eye a need.
Nymph’s lucid eyes invite a lost and loaned desire.
To mount this pedestal she promises.
A valley wet with good seed to harvest for future generations is the idyllic
conversation she whispers in an eager ear.
Flaring ambition to conquer a relentless soul is a just stipend paid.
A veil hinders beguiled touch of purchased intimacy.
She refuses.
Simmering hunger sears sturdy loins.
A need is susceptible to wicked flirts.
Longing is ubiquitous and love is scarce and scared.
An acquitance salvages a dilapidated heart.
She steals the pain in debauchery.
It is her prerogative.
Inchoate ire humbles an irate id.
See the vaunted feminine wiles?
How do a soul extricate itself from a subterfuge likes this?

© copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee


2 thoughts on “A Subterfuge.

  1. A concoction of complex and perplexing language bound to distort the average mind.But those patient and keen enough will comprehend.Impressive!

    1. True. You will find a couple of this type of works in this blog. Mostly it is a wordplay but with a hidden meaning. Do you love crossword puzzles? If so you will enjoy. The other pieces are in plain language.Thanks for dropping by Sir Clay!

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