Wake Up

You must wake up.
Time has given birth and has breathed your need. This is the time for you to open your eyes and experience the seasons’ passage. This land is not foreign to you and instead has known you intimately. These people have sheltered your want. But the time has come for you to wake up and experience the urgent calling that the dark African night can never hide. Wake up.

Your eyes might be wide open
But you are dead asleep.
Dead asleep to the aspirations of your land and it’s people. This sun- kissed and wind swept land longs for your adept hands, to till and nurture and give forth unlimited harvests. Your people needs you back home. To guide, lead and usher a new era. You went and slept in a foreign land son.
A land that doesn’t and will never know you like the way this brown earth knows you back here.
You left wide open skies back at home. Skies that housed your stars and dreams. But those skies in a foreign land only house beastly skycrappers devoid of a soul. Wake up my daughter.

©2012 Ayoub Mzee


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