Those dainty things,
Those cute and distant things,
That flies away like butterflies,
That twinkles away like stars,
Whenever you come too near.
Whenever you come too close.
That they keep on offerring.
That they keep on giving I.
That I keep on calling promises.
Empty promises.
My people,
If not careful,
These promises will kill I.
I don’t eat promises.
Do you?
No, you don’t my people.
Shelf life of promises is too short.
My memory is too long.
Your tomorrow is your yesterday,
Devoid of substance.
Devoured by lies.
Here I lie,
Patiently watching your lies.
I’m not lying.
My people,
If you give me one more promise,
I will go mad.
My people,
Give me something else,
But not promises.
A promise is a beautiful lie.
A promise is an elagant mirage.
A promise is a cunning bird.
Always catching me off guard.
The promises have run away,
And my purpose is gone.
Don’t promise to promise.
I beg.

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee



She counts time,
With her fingers,
Staring at a glaring time.
Time is gone.
She lives in an empty house,
Devoid of sweet memories.
Devoid of happy moments.
She exists in an empty heart,
Hurting more.
Love is gone,
Devotion is dead.
Misting into nothingness,
While age beckons,
With bitter promises.
Deadened desires litter her soul.
A child’s smile haunts,
A child’s cry hurts.
Reality is too real.
Love is treacherous.
As the sun sets down,
It sets down with her dreams.
It goes down with her hopes.
It fades away with her aspirations.
Another day is gone;
A constant reminder,
Of endless emptiness.
She gathers courage.
She musters strength.
She must.
The spinster.

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee


In a stillness of a moment,
In a stolen stilled time warp,
In a glimpsed passage of existence,
Silence reigns.
Silence towers
Silence is loud.

Silent thoughts lingers,
Silent torments prevails,
Silent triumphs claims the night.
In silence,
Life’s antics are mirrored.
In silence,
Life reveals her mysteries.
In silence, our story is told.

In this silence,
Lies the ultimate truth.
In the silence,
Sleeps our essence.
A comfortable silence,
Is our conversation,
Sharing and pairing,
Familiar sojourns.
If only this mind could be silent.
Ah. What a silence.

© 2012 Ayoub Mzee


A gaze through hazy
Wisps of essence,AGAIN…

A glance at eternity herself,
A glean into the future,
And our story is narrated,
On a clear sky,
Spelling our destiny,
And healing our past,
And mending our deeds,
And misdeeds,

Secret wishes,
Secret longings,
Secret ambitions,
Harbour and lurk behind a smile.
A sweet smile.
A strange smile.
Destiny strays,
As rays of hope shine,
Affirming a distinct destination,
Potent wine,
Steals aspirations,
On a crimson sunset,
Rendering impotent,
A daring mind,
And when the night descends upon the silent Earth,
And when the darkness has embraced our naked hearts,
Destiny will kiss our empty souls,
Destiny will conspire,
To give us a favour,

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee

Three Cheers And A Tear

A tear claps at sad magnolias,

Daffodils, primroses and lilacs in this garden,

Hurling a tender hurt heart,

To a sure precipitation of anguish.

A tear cleaves on a tempered desire,

That was stilled in antiquity,

That belonged to a vanguard of stolen dreams,

Obscuring a certain sunshine.

A tear spurs an ornate wish,

Quipping a too willing want.

A tear jibes,

The vestiges of the night,

While its memories lingers on.

A debris.


Three cheers,

Refuse to wane,

But instead muster true strength,

Blustering at melancholic wiles.

Three cheers,

Breezes a sweet wisp of happiness to these nostrils.

Three cheers,

Extricates familiar tenderness from a dreary existence.

An affectionate kiss from the stars,

Hints at a poised paradise,

That never recedes nor cedes.

Three cheers bring a happy tear on her face.

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee

That Place.

Take me.
Take me to that place.
That special place.
Take me again.
To that beautiful place.
The place that sunshine never fades nor wanes.
A place where memories lingers.
A place where love rests on petals of eternity.
A place where hearts thrives in perpetual bliss.
A place where dreams dwells.
A place where tranquility prevails.
Take me to this place.
I want to go to this place again.
I want to dwell on this place again.
It is a special place.
It is a sweet place.
I have rested in this place.
I have honed wisdom in this place.
Let that moment be me.
Let that moment be us.
I want to go this place.
Let us walk and work together,
Till we reach that place.
Our place.
Please let us go before dark darkness finds us.

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee

Graveside Politics

A kin passed away.
We were bereaved.
We consoled each other.
We held night vigils.
We sang the dirges.
We reminded ourselves,
That it was the will of the Lord.
For our kin to have met his maker.
And finally the day of burial came.
Every clan member attended.
Friends and acquaintances came.
The local area chief came.
The local headmaster came.
The local doctor came.
The local church minister came.
At least the local VIPs came.
And the politicians descended upon our village.
There was no warning.
We just saw big fat cars coming.
Naturally we were excited.
And the politicians hijacked the burial ceremony.
And the politicians conveniently forgot that we were burying one of our own.
The politicians brought politics by the graveside.
The politicians were hurling insults at each other.
A mad mudslinging contest.
We were not amused.
We felt abused.
We felt bad.
The politicians lacked decorum and decency.
And we took law onto our hands. We heckled and chased the politicians away.
They scrambled into their Volvos, BMWs, Benzes and Prados.
We were not scared by their bodyguards.
Not even gunshots could hold us back.
Stones, sticks and our righteous anger drove them all away.
Never again shall we allow the politicians to bring politics by the graveside.

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee.