No Colour

No colour can define me.
No colour can explain me.
No colour can speak for me.
No colour can tell my story.
I’m neither black, white, brown or coloured. The blood that courses through my veins
is as red as yours.
This blood is never black,
White, brown or coloured.
There is no colour.

I breath the same air that you breath. The very air that holds forth and gives life.
The firmament above attests to this. The stars and the lunar baths us gloriously in their silver lights and doesn’t care about our skin colour. The sun showers our hearts with her sunshine regardless of the colours and so does the rain. It pours her blessing to all and neither does it know what colour maketh thee.
There is no colour.

We are all sourced from the same spring. In stillness and in quiteness,the universe proclaims our connectivity. We are all one and belong to each other.The Universe is our nation, while you and I are its citizens.
Your pain is mine.
My joy is your joy.
There is no colour.
And neither will ever be any colour, that will completely define us, and tell out story fully.

©Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee


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