Old Age

Old Age

To gracefully grow old,
To peacefully mellow with time,
To blissfully match with the passage of time, is a true blessing.
To have seen it all and generously have given way to the younger generation is the way to go.
And when one gets there,
It it will be a life well lived.
It will be old age.
And it is a gift to behold.

What a grace,
To experience time’s own rendered pace. What a pleasure,
To have witnessed the seasons as They come and go.
The gods must be generous enough, to have given you the will,
Of giving up willingly,
The things and the ways of the youth and instead,
To have embraced true wisdom.
When the time comes to bow out of life’s ring,
Let me meet you there peacefully.
Fear not old age.

Where the grass has grown,
It will grow again.
Where the birds have sung,
They will sing again.
Where flowers have blossomed,
They will blossom again.
So take heart
And fear not the old age….

©Ayoub Mzee 2012


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