Love Is…

The warm and caring morning sunshine, kissing a willing countenance,
Wiping away the night’s vestiges from the eyes, and welcoming a delighted dawn,
And holding dreams in a tender embrace, and cooing songs of hope,
Is the epitome definition of love.
Love is the fresh mountain breeze,
That breathes in an inner tranquility, welcoming some early bliss,
Love is a toddler’s sure grin and implicit trust, her tiny soft fingers devoutly and intently gripping a hand.
This is love spawned and bestowed and ready to be celebrated.
Love is mellow and cleverly probing lyrics and in a melodious flows,
It is a singer’s voice serenading love’s rich promises and imbuing a willing soul.
The hypnotic guitar riffs reveal and unfurl heart’s deep desires.
Love is a beautiful song sung by a loving heart in fathomed tunes.
This love.
At night, maternal moon uncloaks shadowed night’s romances and mysteries.
She shadows a lover’s ephemeral dreams in shy and soft lights.
She whispers love. She echoes love.
The stars twinkles silhouetted greetings and bear witness to love’s truest moment.
A moment no one can deny but humbly acknowledge.
The night’s breezes brazenly breezes honed emotions,
Love as powerful deity.
This is love.

Copyright  2012 Ayoub Mzee


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