Graveside Politics

A kin passed away.
We were bereaved.
We consoled each other.
We held night vigils.
We sang the dirges.
We reminded ourselves,
That it was the will of the Lord.
For our kin to have met his maker.
And finally the day of burial came.
Every clan member attended.
Friends and acquaintances came.
The local area chief came.
The local headmaster came.
The local doctor came.
The local church minister came.
At least the local VIPs came.
And the politicians descended upon our village.
There was no warning.
We just saw big fat cars coming.
Naturally we were excited.
And the politicians hijacked the burial ceremony.
And the politicians conveniently forgot that we were burying one of our own.
The politicians brought politics by the graveside.
The politicians were hurling insults at each other.
A mad mudslinging contest.
We were not amused.
We felt abused.
We felt bad.
The politicians lacked decorum and decency.
And we took law onto our hands. We heckled and chased the politicians away.
They scrambled into their Volvos, BMWs, Benzes and Prados.
We were not scared by their bodyguards.
Not even gunshots could hold us back.
Stones, sticks and our righteous anger drove them all away.
Never again shall we allow the politicians to bring politics by the graveside.

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee.


5 thoughts on “Graveside Politics

  1. True Ann. We are very tired. Every village burial is turned into some political arena by the so called leaders! Are things like that over at your place? Lol!

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