Romantic Love

A sweet malady.
A sick melody.
That defies medication.
A moronic malaise,
That is too stubborn.
Some sweet surrender.
Some regrets.
Blindness does not even begin,
To describe this blissful ignorance.
Castles in the air,
Abounds in this part of the world.
Shimmering mirages in a love’s desert, is what a stupid heart gets all the time.
Make believe, cheats an unfortunate sentiment again.
Same story, in a different time.
Same lame love, out to tame same lame heart.
When darkness is gone,
And the wine is done,
And the music is dead,
Then reality reveals herself.
The prince is gone.
The princess is gone.
Only lonely memories lingers on,
To be scrolled on to some sad memoir.
Ah. Romantic love.

© Ayoub Mzee 2012


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