The Spirit

This spirit soars.

It soars beyond the skies.

It exists in the universe,

Holding the life force together,

Nurturing peace and prosperity.

It is our spirit.

It flows and touches the mountains, the plains and  the oceans.

It moves the souls and kisses warm kisses to glad hearts.

And the love is so deep and so wide, that it can never be depleted.

The spirit silently watches,

Quietly filling up the firmament,

With messages of hope,

Gently feeding a beatific existence.

It has healed us.

It has sealed us in an eternity of fortitude.

In yore,

The spirit existed.

And now it must flow again.

Amongst the humanity,

To experience a rebirth and a reassurance.

In candour, I gaze at the spirit, seeing with a heart’s eyes, things that the naked eye can never see.

Memories can never be effaced,

But will dwell more in this spirit.

An affectional demise, of easy vexations shall pass.

And bliss shall claim us.

The spirit clears a mental mire,

Penitent, for not knowing you earlier.

In reticence, we acknowledge, the fact of dear life.

The spirit is ours,

To hold us closer,

And infuse fused truth.

My spirit….

Our spirit…

© Ayoub Mzee 2012




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