Mad Master

I steal because
wether I steal or not,
You will still say that I have stolen.

I lie because
wether I lie or not,
You will still say that I have lied.

I don’t claim
to be intelligent or stupid,
For it doesn’t matter,
What you thinketh of me.

I have learnt to land
where arrows don’t get me.
I have learnt to fly
where barbs don’t touch me.

In my silence,
I call the shots.
In my muteness,
I run the show.
I am the power behind the throne.
You walk naked in your court,
While your subjects laugh with mirth at your wicked nakedness.
But I have learnt to keep quiet.
For even if I told you the truth,
You would still not give a hoot.
Why bother?

I will bid my time,
And eat in silence,
And when I’ve had enough,
I will quietly melt into the darkness like a stranger’s breath,
Never to be seen again in your court my mad master.

© Ayoub Mzee 2012


3 thoughts on “Mad Master

  1. There is an underlying satire in this piece, and a powerful commentary on a person, a group of people and/or a prevailing mentality. You, of course, not only see but also have a hand in the running of the court, so to speak. And you observe, and conclude, and act, with steel-cold eyes and an equally clinical resolve. A feat of writing. I don’t necessarily approve of acting out the way you’re already judged, but that’s only the theoretical moralist in me speaking. In practice, I shouldn’t speak. 😉

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