To Love Again.

To love again
Is the new song
That this heart is singing.
How could this heart
Easily forget
The ease of loving?
The bittersweet pain of love?

Loving again
Is the dance
That this glad soul
Is dancing to gladly.
How could this soul
Not miss
The beauty and magic
Of loving again?

Love smoulders magnificently
In your eyes.
Love smiles gently
In your lips.
Love breathes
Dear life
In your mused kisses.
I am loving to love again…

Unbridled desire.
Limitless ecstasy.
And we will let the stars
Hold us together
In this beautiful night.
We will promise nothing
To each other.
For we have everything
That we will ever need
From each other.
Love is God
And God is love.

I have decided to love again.

© Ayoub Mzee 2012


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