The Expatriate

He flew in
From India,
With only a a suitcase,
And the clothes on his back.
He didn’t speak any English.
He spoke only Gujarat.
The Expatriate…

We proceeded to show him around.
And he took the biggest office.
He was supposed to be a marketing guru.
He was brought in to turn around the big company.
He spent the days turning around in his expensive and expansive leather seat instead.
The Expatriate…

We ran around,
Doing work for him.
His work,
With our peanut pay.
He fumbled around
While earning his six figure pay.

Finally, The Expatriate left.

He left in a charter plane,
While a moving company shipped his stuff back home.
He left a wealthy man.
The Expatriate who came with only a briefcase.
He who could not speak English
The Expatriate.

I understand that they will be sending in another Expatriate…

Ayoub Mzee Mzima © 2013


2 thoughts on “The Expatriate

  1. That is a wonderful comment Ayoub. Very well written. I can feel the bitterness oozing through. We get many such ex pats here from that area, especially accountants with their forged degrees and diplomas. Most dangerous of course are the medical Doctors who are no such thing : (

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