Silent Conversations

The best conversations are the conversations that are held in a
comfortable silence.
A conversation where words are unnecessary.
İt is a conversation between hearts that know each other so well.

Words are never enough.
Words are inadequate.
There are some
things that are very deep to be understood through words.
Words fails to commune and communicate the pure and the raw essence of these things most of the time.

Some things are meant to be experienced and never spoken about. İt is that silent song in a starry night that plays silently in a glad heart.
There are certain things that the naked eyes can never see.
There are certain things that the ears can never hear.
These things can only be
experienced by just being with the inner being.

Being means absolute silence.
İt means getting rid of all the clutter and useless thoughts from the mind and letting tranquility, peace, calm
and love settle and take command of the mind.

One day we will have a silent conversation together….

Ayoub Mzee © 2013