Going Down….

  • Last night,
    I dropped by,
    At the Tavern,
    At the Shebeen,
    At the place,
    The source of night life,
    The other life,
    The dark life.
    I sat in a dark corner,
    Sipping away at the ethereal existence,
    All alone,
    And watched life pass by,
    But under the recessed lights,
    Life never passed by,
    Instead, it danced nearby
    Shaking it’s well endowed “Strongholds” with abandon.
    Then out of the thick smoky air,
    He materialized,
    A tall lanky fellow,
    Holding his cigarette,
    Askew in his mocking dry lips,
    And without a care in the world.
    His shaggy hair never helped things.
    He was a pale of his former self.
    He looked wasted.
    He looked tired.
    Dear brother.
    Dear friend.
    A dear brother from the past.
    Then he spotted I,
    And he came over,
    Tripping over in the process
    And breaking my beer bottles and glass with excitement.
    I never minded.
    He was a long lost brother.
    But going down.
    And going down real bad.
    He gave a bear hug.
    And I sat him down.
    He was frail,
    From personal burdens.
    Life had not been kind to him.
    Time had been cruel to him.
    He had gone down.
    Over copious flow of drinks,
    And his evil smelling cigarettes,
    He told me his story.
    A life of misfortune after misfortune.
    No love.
    No work.
    No family.
    No hope.
    What a way to go down
    For a dear brother….
    I looked him straight in the eye,
    And told him that he were a good man, and that sometimes things didn’t have to make sense to be understood or be good,
    That everything happens for a reason and in a season,
    And that the most important thing is not to give up but to hold in there until something gives.
    It hurts to see a brother going down.And we spoke,
    And spoke,
    Till the wee hours of the morning.
    Laughing at the vagaries of life.
    Taunting the unfeeling gods.
    Lamenting at the unfair fate.
    I felt for my brother,
    He who was down and out.

    And I promised
    To uplift him,
    To support him,
    To give him hope again,
    Before he hurt I again
    With disappointments….

    And when the sun rose up
    From her deep slumber,
    And when another day had been given birth to,
    We found our way home,
    Staggering and struggling with self doubts in the muddy footpaths to nowhere…

    If only this dear brother knew the many demons and evil fates I had fought before and I was still fighting….

    Going down.

    © Ayoub Mzee 2013


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