The Ayah’s Children

She cooks for them.
She washes for them.
She takes them to school.
She takes them home from school.
She plays with them.
She reads them bedtime stories.
She laughs with them.
She cries with them.
The Ayah’s Children…

Yet when they call her “Mama”
Their mother castigates them,
And yells at the poor children
“She is not your MAMA!!! She is the house girl, the house maid, the ayah! OK?!”
The children cries silently.
Bitter tears flows down their cheeks,
Tearing at the ayah’s kind heart.
The Ayah’s children…

The mother is hardly ever at home.
The mother is forever travelling.
The mother is always working.
The mother is constantly busy.
The mother is just but a noun.
Deep down,
The children know only too well,
That they are the Ayah’s children.
She is the only MAMA they know,
Who is always around whenever they need her…

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013


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