Some Battle

She has fought strongly,
She has fought gallantly,
She has fought with courage,
She has fought with a determination,
It has been her battle,
A personal battle,
What a battle…

But every morning,
Whenever she stares,
At herself in the mirror,
And sees,
The first hints,
Of the crow’s feet,
In the eyes,
The faint traces,
Of graying hair,
The faint suggestion of wrinkles,
She intimately knows,
That old age,
Is a brutal battle,
A battle she can’t win,
And she has to give way,
To the passage of time.
What a battle…

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima


3 thoughts on “Some Battle

    1. I wonder Steve. It is something that I have seen people struggling with in life. They should not. Growing old is natural and part of life. We will all grow old at some time. And like you have said, growing old is a collection of valuable wisdom and experiences. I want to grow old gracefully… without struggling with time’s own set course. Lol!

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