Fleeting Moments

And yes,
Stolen fleeting moments.

A stolen glance,
To her radiant countenance,
A stealth look,
Upon her sweet disposition,
A longing sigh,
In her welcoming smile.
She scripts a whole vista,
A vista of rich promises,
A future of endless possibilities,
Though in fleeting moments…

She softly creeps in,
Onto un suspecting soul,
His tepid soul,
And in a moonlit night,
She sets his eager heart,
Upon some blazing fire.
Wanton desires,
Smoulders in a fiery silence,
Albeit in fleeting moments…

An eager and willing prisoner,
Awaits for his imminent capture,
To her erotic boudoir,
Some love nest,
To devour and cherish,
In a slow relish,
And conquer,
A stubborn will,
A head strong purpose,
But for fleeting moments…

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013


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