The Facebook Account

He’s poked,
He’s tagged in photos,
He’s tagged in status updates,
He’s inboxed,
He’s sent game invitations,
He’s sent friend requests,
And like everyone else,
His wall is littered with,
Questions like,
“Where you @?”

He can’t poke back,
He can’t like your posts or photos,
He can’t accept your friend request,
He can’t comment on your post,
He can’t reply your inbox messages,
He can’t do anything,
He simply can’t.

For where he is,
There is no Facebook,
He is in heaven,
He is in hell,
We don’t know.
We only know that he passed on,
And it is over a year since he left us,
But his Facebook account is still on,
Bearing those photos of him with friends.
Sometimes his old status posts appears on my wall and it is usually such a queer  feeling…


© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013


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