The moon played,
Hide and seek,
With the night clouds,
A gentle breeze,
Carried our thoughts,
Through the night,
We held each other close,
In an impersonal embrace,
In a casual hug,
While I was empty of words,
Don’t fall in love with me…

She clasped me closer,
Willing her heart to melt into mine,
She breathed hard,
And breathed my soul into her
inner sanctum,
She cried,
She laughed,
She was silent,
And with her silent demands,
She made her will known,
For she never knew,
For she never understood,
That my heart was never there,
That loving another was an impossibility,
Don’t fall in love with me.

I desperately,
Looked for a way,
Of letting her know how things were,
Of how nothing existed between us ,
Of how I was never ready,
To love again,
To cherish again,
To celebrate love again,
Please someone stop her,
From falling in love with I,
Dear night beauty,
Don’t fall in love with me,
Just don’t.


2 thoughts on “Don’t

  1. Really honest, this piece. Believe it or not, I have been on the other side of that coin: the woman begging the Gods not to have the guy fall for me. But, if you read my stalker post, you will see it didn’t always work for me. Good job, but you knew that.

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