I Spoke With The Moon

I spoke with the moon last night,
And I held a certain dialogue with the moon,
And we spoke in a silent night,
She listened calmly to my words,
I narrated my life story,
I spoke of my never ending pain,
I spoke of my nascent dreams,
I spoke of my nubile hopes,
I shared my aspirations with the moon,
She listened and warmly smiled to my righteous case and cause…

And the moon spoke,
She said,
Dear son,
I know what you’ve been through,
The centre has refused to hold,
And instead everything has fallen apart,
You have become a stranger to your own home,
You have become a stranger to your own people,
Darkness has plagued your footpath,
Clouds have shrouded your joy in dark mysteries,
Happiness has taken leave from your life,
Confusion, isolation, uncertainity and guilt reigns mightly in your life,
But have courage dear son,
For you have remained strong despite the many storms brewing in your little cup,
For you have remained sane despite the endless and merciless trials,
Smile son,
For the dawn of a new day and life is here,
Hold on in there strong man,
Your big day is here,
Ready to shine and bless your life…

And I listened to the beautiful words,
In a dark night,
And watched the matronly lunar,Shine her benevolency upon the sleeping world,
And I was glad in the heart,
And I sung and rejoiced silently in the solemn and dark night,
As the moon shone her silver love,
Upon my happy countenance,
I knew that the moon,
Has blessed yet another wretched soul…

I spoke with the moon.

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013


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