Our Criminal

The call him a criminal
Yes, he is our criminal
The call him a crook
Yes, he is our crook
A beloved criminal
A respected leader
Our leader
We elected him
Yet they screamed in the mountains
That our leader is a tainted leader
Our criminal

They don’t know
How would they know?
When their eyes and hearts
Are veiled by gravity defying hatred and bigotry?
They preached poison against fellow man
Wherever they set upon their cursed feet
In this land of many streams and mountains
They caused untold violence, death and suffering
To innocent souls
And when our leader stepped in
And stopped their heinous acts
They promptly labelled him 
A criminal
A crook
A thief
A liar
But what they should know 
Is that, that criminal is ours
Our criminal

He who stopped
Their venomous poison
From flowing through
The veins of innocent children
He who stopped them
From destroying a whole generation
Our criminal


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