We Will Talk Soon

I will be happy
If you will find time
And get me
So that we could talk
There are many things to talk about
To ponder and wonder about
There is so much to whisper around
I always feel comfortable
While talking to you dear sister
You know me
And you never judge me
I aint perfect
No one is
Then why do they judge others?
Pure foolishness
I really don’t know where to start
It has been such a long time
Since we saw each other
Dear sister
You understand my pain
You know how I hurt inside
I understand your kids have all grown up
They should see their uncle soonest
So many years have gone by
Yet I have remained in exile
A self imposed exile
Lost and lonely
And in a foreign place
Where I have conversed with the wind while time
Has travelled without my soul
There is so much to share
All these long years
I have never forgotten about you
But time has been cruel to me
Life has been unforgiving
But who would understand?
No one
I have always soldered on alone
Trying new vistas
Burning fingers
And making more mistakes
Cursing the devil
But dear sister
You have always been there…

How can I forget?
No way…

I have to come home.

We will talk soon
We have to…


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