Return To The Sender…

This smile,
Is not warm,
Is not genuine,
And does not reach the eyes,
Return it to the sender…

These eyes,
Are cold,
Are not human,
Are inscrutable,
Return them to the sender…

The embrace,
Is unsettling,
The intimacy,
Is missing in the touch,
These all,
Please return them to the sender…



And unending
And lurking in the heart
And lacking in the soul
A constant
And an agitated state of being
Of searching
Of reaching out
Of looking out
Of what I know not and what it is
Reigns in my realm of reality
But still
The soul yearns for it deeply
A certain and ravenous hunger
Assaults my very being
Making I restless
A hunger of something I don’t understand
Of something I have never had before
Of something I have never seen before
Nor touched before
Nor held before
But the longing is still there
A strong desire
And I instinctively know that I will understand it
Once it hits me
But until then
Restlessness rules..