New Eyes

Got new eyes
That are seeing things
That couldn’t been seen before
Got new eyes
That are feeling things
That couldn’t be felt before

These new eyes…


The Darkness…

The darkness is ever silent

Ever present

Ready to stalk and sulk

And patiently awaits

To descend

Upon an exhausted soul

To haunt and torment

With a certain vicious pain

And anguish

That relentlessly

Taunts a beautiful spirit

With ungainly

Scopes of depression

Anxiety mercilessly grips

A benevolent heart

While the voices

Refuses to keep quiet…


The darkness

Is ever present

Even in a laughter filled

And sunny days

But no one would

Ever suspect

The enormous



Behind a smiling face

But again

These things

Are never said


A great sense of humour

Is the only escape

From this darkness…


No one

Hears the loud silent cry

Laughter is someone’s cry

Laughter is someone’s

Attempt to heal

Deep wounds

Frightening wounds

That somehow

Refuses to heal…



This darkness is comforting


This darkness is frightening

All familiar

All part of self

There are some things

That this darkness


That makes sense

And sometimes does not make sense

This darkness brings certain loneliness


The darkness is a friend


The darkness is a foe



Mr & Miss Wrong

They teach,
Bitter lessons.
They open blind eyes,
To obvious reason.
They knock reality,
Into someone’s stubborn heart.
They hurt.
Both Mr & Miss Wrong.

But both Mr & Miss wrong,
Are necessary,
In this struggle,
Called relationship.
Mr & Miss wrong,
Makes one,
Learn how,
To respect,
And treat right,
Both Mr & Mrs Right.