He has been running up and down
Like some crazed banshee
Like a mad man
In this village
Having no peace
Making incoherent noises
Across the width and breadth of this village
Promising this and that
Claiming this and that
Raising incessant and unnecessary ruckus
Upsetting up everyone
Messing up everyone
And generally making a nausance of himself…

But we know the truth
That this poor man has eaten something
Something that does not belong to him
And this something that does not belong to him is eating the man
The something has made this man mad…

Don’t eat something that does not belong to you
The something will eat you one day.



When the dust has finally settled down
When the dusk has finally enveloped the hours in an intimate embrace
When the birds have quietened down
When the moon is shining benevolently upon the Earth
And when the stars twinkles shyly high above and you are all alone
It is when truth finally shows her naked face
She purposefully and piercingly stares at your torn soul
She plods at the hurting pieces of your soul with a searing logic
She takes you on a journey
A journey back into time
She meaningfully points out at the landmarks of blunders and mistakes that you have made along the way
She drags you through the mists of ignorance that have permanently pervaded your construed world
She doesn’t speak
She instead stares at you so mercilessly
Oh Truth
Why are you so cruel?
You ask the dark darkness
But the darkness doesn’t speak either
She too stares darkly at your bereft soul
Everything stands still as a certain realisation violently slaps your face
In shock, you realise that there is absolutely no one to blame
It is all about you
It has been all about you and it will always be all about you
You are responsible for your self
No one is and never will be
The fault was yours from the beginning
You are responsible
You will always be responsible for everything that happens in your life
You are the captain of your ship called life
Take charge
Courage is when you own up
Courage is when you accept that all those false assumptions, wrong beliefs, blunders and mistakes have solely been done by you
What a feeling
What an emancipation of the mind
What a relief
When the Truth finally smiles at you
When a certain light lits up in her eyes and actually assuages your soul
Ah Truth
You could be so beautiful yet so hurting sometimes…