Hello There!

My name is Ayoub Mzee. I live and work in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, East Africa. Our country is tiny but the great spirit and  goodness of our people is legendary.  Mzee is a pen name and I really like this pen name a lot because it means an old wise man in Swahili language, (In any case, I’m not young. I’m very very old. That’s what they keep on telling me!). Well, this blog is about poetry. Poetry is a very beautiful and powerful communication medium,  and  for my case, I feel that poetry gives one the ultimate freedom of expression. My poetry is  about everything and anything. There is no particular theme or style. I call it random thinking. Thoughts come and go and I always put them down on paper whenever I can.

I don’t know if I have really explained everything to you in black and white but don’t you just love mystery? If you do then, you will enjoy this poetry. Life is best defined and sketched in all hues and chromas of feelings and desires. Black and white is too austere and suffocates an adventurous spirit! Mystery defines poetry best. As you read the pieces along, maybe you’ll have a better understanding of the whole thing.

Well, come on and enjoy! Some pieces may make sense and others might not. The main aim is to enjoy and have fun. Laughing Out Aloud, again……

Be my guest!


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