Days Like These

It is days like these,
Bright and sunny,
Gay and warm,
Mellow and wondrous
Gentle and understanding,
When I miss your smile…

It is days like these,
Mellow and fine,
Playful and naughty,
Sweet and close,
Fresh and nibble,
When I miss the twinkle in your eyes…

When you coming back home?
I ask, but the mirror stares back at me,
Bereft of any answers.
Bereft of any light…

But again,
Days like these,
Took me back,
Back to the place that we first met,
Back many years,
The beautiful park…

It is here,
That I have found another sprout of new life, a new love,
Sprouting with the same pride and determination.
But what happened back there?
One day I will know.
One day you will understand.

But for now,
Let me nurture and nature,
This wondrous seed of hope and possibilities…

Ah. Days like these…

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013


Uncle Stu

Stu, a distant uncle
Came home last night
We had a drink together
And I could see that he had something in his mind
But he never spoke
I let it pass
We drunk our wine in silence
While watching the starry night
And wishing upon a distant star

Then out of the darkness
He muttered
“I think I am in love”

I really didn’t know what to say
I kept quiet
We kept quiet momentarily
Both of us
And continued to sip at our muratina wine while in a curious silence

Then he expounded
He told me that he was in love with a beautiful woman
Both in heart and in body
I told him that I was happy for him

He turned and looked at me with a certain intensity in his eyes and asked
“How well do you know about love?”
I looked down at the smouldering fire embers and answered him
“A little bit I guess. I used to know love but she doesn’t live here anymore”

He patted my shoulder and whispered “Son, she will be back and you better be ready”

And I was convinced
Of his faith
In a hopelessly romantic heart like this
And I was happy for him
To have found true love albeit so late in life

Yes, life indeed begins at 40.

Ayoub Mzee Mzima ©2013