Fear is a choice.
Courage is a choice.
Love is a choice.
Hatred is a choice.
Happiness is a choice.
Unhappiness is a choice.
There are indeed many choices out there.
What is your choice today dear friend?
Choose carefully.
Choices do have consequences…


City Lights

Neon lights.
For eons.
LED lights.
RED lights.
Screaming electric blue.
Illuminating the city’s intrigues.
Lighting up the city’s rues.
Strobe lights.
Pays undue dues.
Darkness is scantly dressed.
And softly pressed on a teasing breast.
Carousing on a late Friday night.
Disco lights.
Are the city’s lights.
Rushed lusts.
Claims to last.
But just rusts.
Ah. city lights.

City lights.
Lights up a maddening euphoria.
Lighted up taxis.
Rides up latent desires.
Rides down potent rogue longings.
It is another night.
Brightly lighted.
Purchased joy.
Is the city’s light.
Hedonistic tendencies.
Go lucky miasma.
Sums up this wild feeling.
City lights beckons.
To allude.
And allude.
To certain lies and truths.
Ah. City lights.

© Ayoub Mzee 2012

A Gift

We pray for different things and in different ways.
We ask various favours from our dear good Lord.
Most times our wishes are granted.
But very few of us plead with our deity to bestow us with the right person.
The right companion.
The perfect gift.
A sweet gift.

To be blessed with the right soul mate is the greatest gift that God can give someone second from the gift of life itself.
A person who is able to accept and cherish another bereft of endless conditions and ultimatums is a joy to be behold.
A person who is able to appreciate the weaknesses and shortcomings of another and right them instead of blaming is an angel sent your way. A person that is capable of believing in your vision is the right gift for you for many partners discourage and laugh at each other’s dreams.
This person is a gift.
A true gift.

You will know that you are in the company of a good person by the sheer comfort and tranquility that this person ushers in her or his presence.
There are no borders.
There are no walls to hide behind. The silence is agreable.
There are no facades.
Thoughts become one.
Hearts beats in one familiar rhythm.
Life is breathed in a single breath.
Bodies fuse and become one entity.
There is no nakedness and no shame.
There is only the truth.
Your truth.
And you know that you are safe.
In a safe place.
In a private place.
This is a love beyond measure.
Words can never truly explain.
This mystic occurrence.
I know this perfect gift exists.
A rare gift.

© 2012 Ayoub Mzee


A gaze through hazy
Wisps of essence,AGAIN…

A glance at eternity herself,
A glean into the future,
And our story is narrated,
On a clear sky,
Spelling our destiny,
And healing our past,
And mending our deeds,
And misdeeds,

Secret wishes,
Secret longings,
Secret ambitions,
Harbour and lurk behind a smile.
A sweet smile.
A strange smile.
Destiny strays,
As rays of hope shine,
Affirming a distinct destination,
Potent wine,
Steals aspirations,
On a crimson sunset,
Rendering impotent,
A daring mind,
And when the night descends upon the silent Earth,
And when the darkness has embraced our naked hearts,
Destiny will kiss our empty souls,
Destiny will conspire,
To give us a favour,

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee

No Colour

No colour can define me.
No colour can explain me.
No colour can speak for me.
No colour can tell my story.
I’m neither black, white, brown or coloured. The blood that courses through my veins
is as red as yours.
This blood is never black,
White, brown or coloured.
There is no colour.

I breath the same air that you breath. The very air that holds forth and gives life.
The firmament above attests to this. The stars and the lunar baths us gloriously in their silver lights and doesn’t care about our skin colour. The sun showers our hearts with her sunshine regardless of the colours and so does the rain. It pours her blessing to all and neither does it know what colour maketh thee.
There is no colour.

We are all sourced from the same spring. In stillness and in quiteness,the universe proclaims our connectivity. We are all one and belong to each other.The Universe is our nation, while you and I are its citizens.
Your pain is mine.
My joy is your joy.
There is no colour.
And neither will ever be any colour, that will completely define us, and tell out story fully.

©Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee

A Woman Knows

An enigmatic gaze.
A cryptic smile.
And a soft sigh escapes her breast.
She nods in agreement.
She holds forth life and its all intricate mysteries.
She is the custodian of recessed narrations.
She has known the truth.
A woman knows.

Where words deserts the truth,
Her heart knows it intimately.
No lie is ever sufficient.
She reads a life history, elegantly
And penned on a candid countenance.
Her warm embrace soaks the doubts, lies, fears, hopes, anger and angst.
You need not tell her.
A woman knows.

Sweet joy in another, she easily gleans.
A heavy heart in loneliness, she is instantly aware.
Hidden pain, she quickly understands.
Withheld empathy, she feels.
Words are unnecessary.
A woman knows.

Her silence is a license,
To seek and heed more from a hiding heart.
She clasps reality in her hands, and feeds a wanting soul.
Her acquaintance is a stipend paid by gods.
Her grace and gentleness is an atonement to a spirit in wildness and in need.
A woman feels.
A woman knows.
She knows.