Return To The Sender…

This smile,
Is not warm,
Is not genuine,
And does not reach the eyes,
Return it to the sender…

These eyes,
Are cold,
Are not human,
Are inscrutable,
Return them to the sender…

The embrace,
Is unsettling,
The intimacy,
Is missing in the touch,
These all,
Please return them to the sender…


A Sigh…

A sigh is a complete language,
A sigh speaks of relief,
A sigh expresses pain,
A sigh talks of disgust,
A sigh says about comfort,
A sigh heralds a desire…

A sigh speaks alot,
A sigh longs for so much,
But remains unspoken,
Albeit silently,
A sigh could be a rebuke,
A sigh could be an appreciation,
A sigh could be everything,
A sigh could be nothing,
But a sigh speaks volumes…

Next time be keen and careful whenever a woman sighs. She is talking to you…

A Woman In Love

When a woman loves,
She gives,
And gives her all,
She gives her whole heart,
She gives all,
And loves in totality,
She is generous,
She is understanding,
She is love,
She accepts,
And holds dear,
Her love close to her heart,
She loves,
She cherishes,
The love of her life,
A woman in love is a magical spirit.

Don’t Call

Don’t call her your woman
Call her your wife
Your queen
For women are all over the place
But it is only her
Who is your wife
Who is your queen
Amongst all these women…

Don’t call him your man
Call him your husband
Your king
For men are all over the place
But it is only him
Who is your husband
Who is your king
Amongst all these men…

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013

I Would Like

I would like to come down,
Come down in town,
And see you,
And take potent coffee with you,
And listen to the blues with you,
And take the fine wine with you,
And hold your hand,
As we laugh,
As we love,
As we live,
The life around us…

That smile,
Steals and stills some heart,
That twinkle in the eye,
Confuses and confounds,
A certain psyche.
It is gone.
It is done.
I would like,
To have another reportoire…

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013