Not Yet Gone

When the phone rings,
I jump thinking it is you calling,
When Alexander O’neal plays on the radio,
I shudder with warm memories of you,
When the sun is going down,
And the nubile night is inviting herself over,
And the stars are longing to shine,
I am reminded of you,
I think of you,
I long for you,
But I remember that you are gone…

But you are not gone yet,
You are still here with me,
The warm tears of your remembrance,
Rolling down these cheeks is you,
The alluring and mystic scents of the night floating in the air is you,
The sweet and melodious ballads playing in the wind is you,
You are not gone yet,
You are still here,
You are the love in this heart,
You are the grace in this soul,
You will never go away,
You are not yet gone,
I softly whisper to the gentle breeze,
As I quietly place a single stem of a white rose upon your grave…
And think I can feel your warm and soft smile find your welcoming lips…


That Place.

Take me.
Take me to that place.
That special place.
Take me again.
To that beautiful place.
The place that sunshine never fades nor wanes.
A place where memories lingers.
A place where love rests on petals of eternity.
A place where hearts thrives in perpetual bliss.
A place where dreams dwells.
A place where tranquility prevails.
Take me to this place.
I want to go to this place again.
I want to dwell on this place again.
It is a special place.
It is a sweet place.
I have rested in this place.
I have honed wisdom in this place.
Let that moment be me.
Let that moment be us.
I want to go this place.
Let us walk and work together,
Till we reach that place.
Our place.
Please let us go before dark darkness finds us.

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee


Once upon a time,
Courtship was an art.
It was a polished skill,
A definition of a complete man and woman.
Courtship was a period of sublime experience,
A time of finesse and beautiful exploration of a partner’s mind and soul.
Courtship was a revered language of lovers.

But not anymore.
That is all gone and only memories are left.
Things changed.
The game changed.
The players changed.
And then courtship died the night before.

Courtship has become a battle of the sexes.
Courtship has become a bloody and brutal game. Finding your way in courtship nowdays is not unlike charting away in dangerous sea waters infested with blood-thirsty sharks and pirates.
Courtship has become a merciless appraisal and feasibility study by the opposites sexes.
It is all about ‘what do you have and what can you do for me lover friend?’
The city streets are littered with broken hearts.
Materialism rules the roost.
After striking it rich,
We become so pleased with ourselves.
But sooner than later,
Birds come home to roost.
Reality sinks in and we realize that there’s no soul in our partners. Just a humanoid out to claim the world who cares less about the human condition and the sunshine it shines in a life. Happiness and joy soon escape through the bedroom window, never to return.
And we start a new search for love,
But we quickly discover that no one is interested in that stupid emotion.
Can you build an empire with silly love?
Can you eat love?
Can you pay bills with love?
Caught in courtship……

© Copyright 2012  Ayoub Mzee