Dawn comes,
Bit by bit and methodically.
She gently blows the night’s vestigies away.
In their place, she places the early sun’s soft golden rays.
A new day has just been born.
An eager heart is gladdened.
Blooming daffodils, lilacs and geraniums unfurls and embraces the morning’s freshness.
The flowers dot a dotting garden.
A butterfly, flies our hopes higher.
A Sunbird waxes lyrics of blessings to its creator.
We are together in this happy union.
Deep inside, certain goodness overflows to the brim of a soul.
Its a new day.
It will be a good day.
Certainly, it has dawned on us,
That a miracle has been performed.
What a dawn.

© Ayoub Mzee 2012


An Acquaintance!

A sly smile,
Callously thrown across the dark room,
Mixing effortlessly with the smoke’s plumes,
Finds it’s mark and lands on my eager face,
Choking out the breath with insincere doubts.
What an acquaintance!

The belle dances her way slowly across the house of sin,
And glides smoothly besides I,
Suffocating me with her musky perfume,
Creating a momentarily delirious delight in my stupid psyche.
Her firm but soft mounds cajole my chest for naughtiness.
I’m too willing.
I’m an acquaintance!

In a husky voice, she whispers like a soft viper
“Can we dance” It is more or less like a statement.
The wine in me readily agrees.
The little piety in me defies weakly,
I’m at cross roads.
Like a zombie she leads me to the dance floor,
Wiggling her hearty posterior with an obvious intent.
Like a zombie, I’m hooked, hook and sinker,
With beautiful guile and a lost muse,
I’m acquainted!

She holds I close to her bosom,
Blossoming hot desire in return, brewed in a witch’s pot.
I’m lost. I float aimlessly on air, my weak knees refusing to support this humour.
She’s libertine, I’m allowed access to all vaults,
Pillaging with greed and glee, while hiding in darkness.
Soon the number is over and we sit down,
The two night’s acquaintances!

Over endless bottles of wines,
We talk and share, intimate affairs,
Illicit longings and demurred wishes.
Crazed thoughts we share over a stick of a dead cigar.
Deranged desires we muster over empty bottles of old wine.
Strangely, we’re sedated and half fulfilled with unquenchable need.
Soon, the night is over.
My acquaintance goes.

She melts into the thinning night like a morning’s mist plumes,
She puts on her jacket and jumps into the waiting taxi,
And together they’re soon swallowed by the dark dawn.
I check my wallet. It is intact. So is everything.
What has she taken from me?
But I’m very sure that some part of me has been stolen…….
But don’t know which part has been stolen by the night’s acquaintance!

© copyright 2010 Ayoub Mzee