Days Like These

It is days like these,
Bright and sunny,
Gay and warm,
Mellow and wondrous
Gentle and understanding,
When I miss your smile…

It is days like these,
Mellow and fine,
Playful and naughty,
Sweet and close,
Fresh and nibble,
When I miss the twinkle in your eyes…

When you coming back home?
I ask, but the mirror stares back at me,
Bereft of any answers.
Bereft of any light…

But again,
Days like these,
Took me back,
Back to the place that we first met,
Back many years,
The beautiful park…

It is here,
That I have found another sprout of new life, a new love,
Sprouting with the same pride and determination.
But what happened back there?
One day I will know.
One day you will understand.

But for now,
Let me nurture and nature,
This wondrous seed of hope and possibilities…

Ah. Days like these…

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013


There Was A Song…

Once upon time,
When we couldn’t sing,
When we didn’t know how to sing,
And when we feared to sing,
A song,
A certain song,
A kind of a song,
Kept on singing deep in our hearts.
This song refused to die.
The beat kept on.
The rhythm never abated.
The melody was constant.
The lyrics only too real.
Silently, we sang the song.
A silent song.
A personal song.
The ears couldn’t hear the song,
Only hearts could hear and see,
The song.
It was a song of hope,
Freedom, prosperity, peace,
Love, grace, truthfulness and tranquility.
It was our song.
A beautiful song.
There was a song.
Once a long time ago…

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee

Life’s Conversations

If you were to hold a conversation with life,
what would you tell her?
If life would hold court with you now,
would you be brave enough and speak your mind?
Maybe it could be a simple matter or it could be an uneasy task to face life’s totality and completeness in it’s righteousness.
We all think that we know so much about our lives little do we realize how little we know about our lives.

We take life for granted.
We never appreciate the delicateness and vulnerability of life itself and hence we live carelessly. In life’s conversations, there is a lot I would like to share with life and I’m sure too that there would be so much life would want to share with me.
I have committed so many foibles and have assumed so much in ignorance in both near and distant pasts, betraying life herself in the process but she never gave up on me.
Maybe she has her own reasons of not to but it never occured to me that way before. If I had a chance, obviously I would be very glad to be offered a chance to relive my life so that I could right past wrongs, again, that would be just a wish in a long night.
Maybe the best I could do is to try and live a better life tomorrow.
Simplicity defines life best but simplicity easily bores our timid minds that are quickly impressed and amused by grande things.

In a life’s conversation, I would strive to get the concise and complete meaning of life for sometimes the true meaning of life plays havoc with weak hearts. Could this conversation offer the answers that I desparately need? Perhaps I should seat back and let life narrate her side of story. In this way, I would glean much about my life, reflecting the little naunces and shades that I’m always  missing out.
Long days tires a desiring heart that soughts a refuge and reprieve in the wrong places. Now, life’s conversations might shed light on this personal plight. And so we converse with life in golden silence.

© 2012 Ayoub Mzee