The Perpetual Pawn

Sunshine drowns lost sorrows.
If only I could drink her goodness with my heart.
Moonshine shines her mysteries.
She whispers silver lit dreams.
In familiar darkness,
I find my id,
Inchoate and calmed.
Holding the future with a glad heart,
My being is nourished and nurtured.
Love is too cunning but too sweet to let go.
Silently I sing private thoughts.
Warm thoughts.
Solitary thoughts.
Forlorn thoughts.
Happy thoughts.
A lonely soliloquy,
Vents certain truths,
In her absence.
A one person conference,
Converses with his spirit.
Hold this hand,
And steal this kiss from these lips.
I’m falling.
In sweet lies.
Bleeding in love.
The perpetual pawn…

© Ayoub Mzee 2012



She counts time,
With her fingers,
Staring at a glaring time.
Time is gone.
She lives in an empty house,
Devoid of sweet memories.
Devoid of happy moments.
She exists in an empty heart,
Hurting more.
Love is gone,
Devotion is dead.
Misting into nothingness,
While age beckons,
With bitter promises.
Deadened desires litter her soul.
A child’s smile haunts,
A child’s cry hurts.
Reality is too real.
Love is treacherous.
As the sun sets down,
It sets down with her dreams.
It goes down with her hopes.
It fades away with her aspirations.
Another day is gone;
A constant reminder,
Of endless emptiness.
She gathers courage.
She musters strength.
She must.
The spinster.

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee


A gaze through hazy
Wisps of essence,AGAIN…

A glance at eternity herself,
A glean into the future,
And our story is narrated,
On a clear sky,
Spelling our destiny,
And healing our past,
And mending our deeds,
And misdeeds,

Secret wishes,
Secret longings,
Secret ambitions,
Harbour and lurk behind a smile.
A sweet smile.
A strange smile.
Destiny strays,
As rays of hope shine,
Affirming a distinct destination,
Potent wine,
Steals aspirations,
On a crimson sunset,
Rendering impotent,
A daring mind,
And when the night descends upon the silent Earth,
And when the darkness has embraced our naked hearts,
Destiny will kiss our empty souls,
Destiny will conspire,
To give us a favour,

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee