I Am From The Management

air conditioned office,
Huge mahogany desk,
Expensive leather seats,
To massage, suage and sooth my huge ego,
Secretaries at my beck and call,
To order coffee and other refreshments for my business associates as we cook crooked deals…
A bank of phones on one side,
To call cronies and girlfriends.
Gigantic LCD TV screens,
To follow on the latest Barclays Premier League scores.

I am from the management.

My day starts with reading the gossip columns in The Star and The Citizen. Not satied, I scour for cheap political gossips in Kenyan Daily Post and Jackal News sites. Next, I check mails from pals. Next, I summon my juniors for a dress down over imagined misconduct then I’m off for an early lunch at the the exclusive sports club in a leafy suburban area in the company’s Benz, all paid for and maintained by the management. Won’t be coming back to the office. I have a round of golf to catch in the afternoon with fellow executive cronies.
My day is done.
I have earned my pay.
Life is good.
After all, the chairman of this cash cow is my uncle….

I am from the management.

© 2012 Ayoub Mzee