Lurking, hoovering in silence
Quietly watching and a constant companion
Uncertainty prevails
Fear is masked in darkness
Guilt is tangible
Dread is always at hand
Pain is glorified
Dead wishes complement lost hopes
In shadows, life cowers
In shadows, a future is dead
In shadows, we live.

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee


Reality, She Conquered.

Reality leaned over me,
Her warm bosom urgent on my familiar breast, she breathed fresh metaphors, and I imbibed her hurried need. Imagination seduced I with quintessential emotions. In an ephemeral moment, my forte was gone and my fort wasted. Reprieve refused to grace some poor heart, instead, strange remedies were connoted. Her kisses spawned skilled kills, Her mount was surer and dried up vital truths in a hedonistic dip.
In reality’s boudoir, truth rested I in forced lovin.’ Summit was achieved and night’s smiles were more willing. Reality plodded I with certain wonders, revealing a heart’s nakedness, And so, I let her conquer I in sure syllables. Sweet surrender it was…..

©2010 Ayoub Mzee