Silent Conversations

The best conversations are the conversations that are held in a
comfortable silence.
A conversation where words are unnecessary.
İt is a conversation between hearts that know each other so well.

Words are never enough.
Words are inadequate.
There are some
things that are very deep to be understood through words.
Words fails to commune and communicate the pure and the raw essence of these things most of the time.

Some things are meant to be experienced and never spoken about. İt is that silent song in a starry night that plays silently in a glad heart.
There are certain things that the naked eyes can never see.
There are certain things that the ears can never hear.
These things can only be
experienced by just being with the inner being.

Being means absolute silence.
İt means getting rid of all the clutter and useless thoughts from the mind and letting tranquility, peace, calm
and love settle and take command of the mind.

One day we will have a silent conversation together….

Ayoub Mzee © 2013


Mad Master

I steal because
wether I steal or not,
You will still say that I have stolen.

I lie because
wether I lie or not,
You will still say that I have lied.

I don’t claim
to be intelligent or stupid,
For it doesn’t matter,
What you thinketh of me.

I have learnt to land
where arrows don’t get me.
I have learnt to fly
where barbs don’t touch me.

In my silence,
I call the shots.
In my muteness,
I run the show.
I am the power behind the throne.
You walk naked in your court,
While your subjects laugh with mirth at your wicked nakedness.
But I have learnt to keep quiet.
For even if I told you the truth,
You would still not give a hoot.
Why bother?

I will bid my time,
And eat in silence,
And when I’ve had enough,
I will quietly melt into the darkness like a stranger’s breath,
Never to be seen again in your court my mad master.

© Ayoub Mzee 2012

The Unspoken Word

Long after
the conversation
is long dead,
Long after the
embers of the fire
have stopped
and only the ashes abound,
You’re bound by the nagging realization that, after
all, the story is quite not yet finished.

Something was not entirely said.
Something was not spoken.
A vital truth thus was hidden from your intent ears.
A word lies,
there in a lie, unspoken.
The unspoken word…..

It is this unspoken word,
Hanging in the room,
like a mysterious aroma,
or like wanton fiend
from a field,
unknown to you
but known to him,
cleverly hidden in that low intonation,
Masterly concealed in that sly simile in the smile,
Craftily cocooned in that understanding look,
Cunningly parceled in those regular silences,
That vex your intellect.
That matters most.
The unspoken word….

Most never pick
up the mind games,
But the discerning ones will always, and will reach
and try to wrench the
unspoken word
festooned in
a friend’s psyche
and reveal
its contents in day light.
For it is in this unspoken word,
that the painful truth resides.
For it is in this unspoken word,
that the true sentiment lives with her regimen.
For it is in this unspoken word,
that possess all the answers. grudgingly…..

How many a lover had wished to hear this unspoken word spoken, And thus gain an illegal entrance
into her unguarded heart and mind and steal her
And his magic spell would commence
to wow the lass with his potent lover’s guises.
Every wily dealer never says all,
its the buyer to find out how much he’s been
Every mistress worth her salt,
never tells all to her conniving master, he must cleverly know on his own, if he has anything between his two ears.
Every skilled politician, leaves a lot of unspoken words
hanging in the air, like menacing dark clouds, or marauding pack of ungrateful vultures,
cycling high above, ready to swoop down and vanquish the sorry mortals.

This unspoken word is power.
Evil power.
Good power.
What’s your decree?
Words fail us miserably.
There are somethings in your chest that words can’t adequately describe. Even scribes can’t script the truth of that emotion
Hear with your ears, but most importantly, listen
with your eyes.
Look with your eyes, but most crucially, see with
your heart.
In this way, the countenance of your friend’s
inscrutable face,
Will never hide anything from you even if he never speaks that elusive word.
You’ll surreptitiously catch the lier in his lies’ lair
without uttering a single word.
Unfortunately, what fails to be said is usually
what’s important.
Alas the unspoken word!

© Ayoub Mzee 2012


In a stillness of a moment,
In a stolen stilled time warp,
In a glimpsed passage of existence,
Silence reigns.
Silence towers
Silence is loud.

Silent thoughts lingers,
Silent torments prevails,
Silent triumphs claims the night.
In silence,
Life’s antics are mirrored.
In silence,
Life reveals her mysteries.
In silence, our story is told.

In this silence,
Lies the ultimate truth.
In the silence,
Sleeps our essence.
A comfortable silence,
Is our conversation,
Sharing and pairing,
Familiar sojourns.
If only this mind could be silent.
Ah. What a silence.

© 2012 Ayoub Mzee

Own Company

Mighty silence serenades my purchased intent.
Much silence morphs into salient allures.
Alone, I retreat onto distant places in the mind.
Solititude keeps this company to me, availing solitary muses.
Sedentary ruses refuse spent notions.
Alone I keep a company.
Own company.
Easily a crowd crowds out certain aspirations.
Alone I’m immersed in personal bliss.
Time passes by, blowing I some breezy kisses.
Time whispers ancient secrets.
Time bade a goodbye to a solitary stranger.
Own company I keep to refute alleged repute.
Ceaseless and engulfing sentiments wane.
Alone I converse with my demons.
Alone I hold court with my gods.
Spiriting a desire to ether world  glorifies my id.
Chilly night wishes breezes past my vista.
In vain I claim lost glory in own company.

© copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee


You maybe welcomed into this heart,
But to own it you’ll never.
You may experience the warm embrace,
But to own this spirit is next to impossible.
I’m a free spirit, doing and going whatever and wherever I wish.
My thoughts are free. I judge not. I just flow.

If you leave the ownership of this spirit onto me to own,
Then you’ll know of an unique being, A being who respects all and lets it be. I’ll never trespass nor transgress your rights.

I watch with a doleful eye,
All those efforts put in by an individual, Trying to own me.
Why cage me in?
Let me fly into the dark night , like lucky lark and sing this beautiful song.
The metaphors are crying to be messaged by my quill,
How then will I be able to, if you insist hanging on to my neck?

In solitude, I find my thoughts and sing my personal soliloquy.
A crowd is sometimes tiresome and all I need is to quench
my soul with this quest in golden silence. Alone, I expire the anguish and inhale happiness,
But otherwise, I’ve known peace piece by piece. I won’t mortgage my person, I’ll keep it intact.
Therefore, you can’t own me…

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee