Dawn comes,
Bit by bit and methodically.
She gently blows the night’s vestigies away.
In their place, she places the early sun’s soft golden rays.
A new day has just been born.
An eager heart is gladdened.
Blooming daffodils, lilacs and geraniums unfurls and embraces the morning’s freshness.
The flowers dot a dotting garden.
A butterfly, flies our hopes higher.
A Sunbird waxes lyrics of blessings to its creator.
We are together in this happy union.
Deep inside, certain goodness overflows to the brim of a soul.
Its a new day.
It will be a good day.
Certainly, it has dawned on us,
That a miracle has been performed.
What a dawn.

© Ayoub Mzee 2012


The Perpetual Pawn

Sunshine drowns lost sorrows.
If only I could drink her goodness with my heart.
Moonshine shines her mysteries.
She whispers silver lit dreams.
In familiar darkness,
I find my id,
Inchoate and calmed.
Holding the future with a glad heart,
My being is nourished and nurtured.
Love is too cunning but too sweet to let go.
Silently I sing private thoughts.
Warm thoughts.
Solitary thoughts.
Forlorn thoughts.
Happy thoughts.
A lonely soliloquy,
Vents certain truths,
In her absence.
A one person conference,
Converses with his spirit.
Hold this hand,
And steal this kiss from these lips.
I’m falling.
In sweet lies.
Bleeding in love.
The perpetual pawn…

© Ayoub Mzee 2012