And unending
And lurking in the heart
And lacking in the soul
A constant
And an agitated state of being
Of searching
Of reaching out
Of looking out
Of what I know not and what it is
Reigns in my realm of reality
But still
The soul yearns for it deeply
A certain and ravenous hunger
Assaults my very being
Making I restless
A hunger of something I don’t understand
Of something I have never had before
Of something I have never seen before
Nor touched before
Nor held before
But the longing is still there
A strong desire
And I instinctively know that I will understand it
Once it hits me
But until then
Restlessness rules..


We Talked

We talked.
We walked.
We held a certain conversation.
In a certain dark night.
Darkness surrounded us.
Darkness swallowed us.
Darkness held us captive.
Our words floated in the dark night
Like jetsams of spent thoughts.
Yet we talked and walked together
In the dark night.

Your words sunk and settled deep in the heart.
I longed to steal a look on your face
But the dark night refused.
It was too dark to see anything.
Instead we talked and walked
Along the narrow path.
Talked about past things.
We talked of future things.
We shared our collective fears and hopes.
Maybe the distant stars heard our silent prayers.

Then finally we fell silent.
We stopped talking.
We almost stopped walking.
Suddenly there was nothing to speak of.
Instead the silent silence gave us a curious company, plodding us along the narrow path towards our undefined destiny while crickets and a million other insects murmured in a congenial agreement.

But I still remember that we talked.
But I still remember that we walked.
Many years ago..

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013

Silent Conversations

The best conversations are the conversations that are held in a
comfortable silence.
A conversation where words are unnecessary.
İt is a conversation between hearts that know each other so well.

Words are never enough.
Words are inadequate.
There are some
things that are very deep to be understood through words.
Words fails to commune and communicate the pure and the raw essence of these things most of the time.

Some things are meant to be experienced and never spoken about. İt is that silent song in a starry night that plays silently in a glad heart.
There are certain things that the naked eyes can never see.
There are certain things that the ears can never hear.
These things can only be
experienced by just being with the inner being.

Being means absolute silence.
İt means getting rid of all the clutter and useless thoughts from the mind and letting tranquility, peace, calm
and love settle and take command of the mind.

One day we will have a silent conversation together….

Ayoub Mzee © 2013

Word Play

Some Word Play

A lark, quiping my prelude,
Sings tapered aspirations,
And in an indisposed firmament,
A vaunted existence is truly scripted.

A concocted countenance,
And shimmering in an intumescent condour, is ours to claim.
Pubescent and wanton longings,
Embellish some metastatic cajoles,
That readily defies any medication,
Nor any persuations.

A cartharsis of sorts,
Is all that we need to vanguish,
Some inconsequential bother,
That bathes in turquoise hues,
And briddles with unbriddled debauchery,
The devil’s prerogative…

Cede not,
But persist,
And claim the ultimate prize,
Of honour and humour.
A certain precept obtuses a mired aggrandiosement,
That abound in sheer vanity,
And  we absolve gladly…

Dear acquitance,
There I vaunt my priaspismic penitence,
And is still unshamed by your naked hazed gaze into my naked soul,
There I proclaim,
Our mental mire and dire brethren…..

Let us word play kindred spirit.

Ayoub Mzee Mzima © 2012

To Love Again.

To love again
Is the new song
That this heart is singing.
How could this heart
Easily forget
The ease of loving?
The bittersweet pain of love?

Loving again
Is the dance
That this glad soul
Is dancing to gladly.
How could this soul
Not miss
The beauty and magic
Of loving again?

Love smoulders magnificently
In your eyes.
Love smiles gently
In your lips.
Love breathes
Dear life
In your mused kisses.
I am loving to love again…

Unbridled desire.
Limitless ecstasy.
And we will let the stars
Hold us together
In this beautiful night.
We will promise nothing
To each other.
For we have everything
That we will ever need
From each other.
Love is God
And God is love.

I have decided to love again.

© Ayoub Mzee 2012