WordPlay II

A proliferation of monosyllabic thoughts,
That are ubiquitous for the umpteenth time,
Can be inconsequential and ludicrous…

By the heath,
Some thoughts belonging to the Mesozoic era,
Sighs an exasperated and demurred
Replete with pliable notions,
That throws brusque and iconoclastic tantrums,
That are untenable and don’t call me a superstitious person…

Placid platitudes,
Espouses visceral thoughts,
Turning I into some chaplain,
To companion,
Condescending and narcissistic longings that I have learnt to hate…

A perfunctory smirk,
Proudly worn on a face,
extrapolate quiescent paradigms,
That enunciates sweet succour of yore..

I am subservient,
Gale me with ancient penury of distant thoughts,
It is a wordplay,
It is not a mindplay,
Of thoughts…