A Sigh…

A sigh is a complete language,
A sigh speaks of relief,
A sigh expresses pain,
A sigh talks of disgust,
A sigh says about comfort,
A sigh heralds a desire…

A sigh speaks alot,
A sigh longs for so much,
But remains unspoken,
Albeit silently,
A sigh could be a rebuke,
A sigh could be an appreciation,
A sigh could be everything,
A sigh could be nothing,
But a sigh speaks volumes…

Next time be keen and careful whenever a woman sighs. She is talking to you…


One day I will Call

I might not call you today,
But just know that,
I still have your number,
Just keep my number,
For one day,
I will call you,
I don’t want to call you right now,
I just got too much pain,
And I don’t want to pain you,
And I don’t want to burden you,
With unnecessary baggage,
Maybe you will understand,
Maybe you won’t understand…

I was to call you,
But I never did,
Honesty demands courage,
Yet I am a coward,
A celebrated one,
There is so much I would like to share and air,
But I just don’t have the strength to,
And so I just keep quiet,
And send the occasional text message,
One day I will call,
Just keep my number,
Just like I keep yours…

One day I will call,
When the sun is shining,
And the darkness has cleared,
And the clouds have gone away,
And the birds are singing again,
And the streams are flowing again,
And prosperity has known us,
And happiness has married us,
And joy is us,
I will call then,
One day I will call,
I will call,
Trust me,
And I am gone,
Into the dark night,
Keep my nangos,
Keep my number,
One day I will call…

I Won’t Pretend

I won’t pretend that by looking with my eyes that I am actually seeing.

I won’t pretend that by hearing with my ears that I am actually listening.

For looking and seeing are two different things.

For hearing and listening are two different things too.

Let us not pretend.
Let me not pretend.

It is better to see rather than look. For it takes alot much more to be
able to see the inner beauty of a person…

It is better to listen than hear for it takes alot much more to be able
to listen to the pain of another human being…

I won’t pretend that I am able to see.
I won’t pretend that I am able to listen.

Sometimes I do. Sometimes I
fail. And it pains to be blind to another person’s inner beauty.
To be deaf to another person’s pain…

I won’t pretend.

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013

We Talked

We talked.
We walked.
We held a certain conversation.
In a certain dark night.
Darkness surrounded us.
Darkness swallowed us.
Darkness held us captive.
Our words floated in the dark night
Like jetsams of spent thoughts.
Yet we talked and walked together
In the dark night.

Your words sunk and settled deep in the heart.
I longed to steal a look on your face
But the dark night refused.
It was too dark to see anything.
Instead we talked and walked
Along the narrow path.
Talked about past things.
We talked of future things.
We shared our collective fears and hopes.
Maybe the distant stars heard our silent prayers.

Then finally we fell silent.
We stopped talking.
We almost stopped walking.
Suddenly there was nothing to speak of.
Instead the silent silence gave us a curious company, plodding us along the narrow path towards our undefined destiny while crickets and a million other insects murmured in a congenial agreement.

But I still remember that we talked.
But I still remember that we walked.
Many years ago..

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013