A Famous Sibling


He was a brother,
A dear friend,
A dear colleague,
A fellow straggler,
A true comrade in arms.

She was a sister,
A dear friend,
A dear colleague,
A fellow struggler,
A worthy comrade in arms.

We used to walk together,
We used to talk together,
In these dusty cow paths,
We used to fetch water together,
From this very river,
From this very well,
We used to play together,
In these vast, expansive and lush plains,
And at night,
We would both gaze at the moon,
We would both gaze at the stars,
And make a wish,
We would wish to be famous,
We would wish to be wealthy,
And we would laugh,
In the silvery night,
And dismiss,
Our silly wishes…

Only we never knew,
How deeply,
How truly,
You held on to those silly wishes,
How truly,
You believed in those silly wishes upon a star.

We lived our simple lives like we had always lived and loved our simple village ways,
We held the village dear,
We were the village,
And the village was us,
Nothing could separate us,
Nothing could come in between us.
Nothing ever.

Then one day,
One day you announced,
You announced that,
You would be moving to the big city,
The city with brights lights,
The city with many people,
The city with big cars,
The city with crooks,
The city with beautiful ladies,
The city that held your dreams…

We were utterly shocked,
By your audacity,
By your madness.
But you have never been a normal person,
You have always been a strange person to us,
It is only that we could not tell you,
So we consoled ourselves…

We tried,
To stop you,
From going to the big city,
But you had already,
Made up your stubborn mind,
To leave us,
And go to the big city.

For many years,
We never heard anything about you,
Our dear sister,
Our dear brother,
Our worthy comrade in arms,
Our true comrade in arms,
You simply disappeared,
From the face of the Earth,
Just like that…

Then suddenly,
And out of nowhere,
One day,
You descended upon our village,
And in the company of important looking people,
Who drove big cars,
Who spoke in funny languages,
And you proceeded to announce to us,
That you would be leaving for America,
We never knew where America was,
We only knew of the markets and villages across those ridges over there,
We understood however,
That you had never been a normal person,
Then you gave us such a huge feast,
For a whole week,
We ate,
We drunk,
We danced,
And made merry,
In the name of you…

You left the village,
And went to America,
We promptly forgot all about you,
But not for long,
Because before long we started hearing about you,
In Voice of America,
In the local newspapers,
In the local radios…

My brother,
My sister,
You had grown so big,
You were known all over the world,
You truly became,
The son of the world,
The daughter of the world,
You were an accomplished musician,
A true celeb,
An international star,
So famous,
So rich,
A person who had the whole world,
At his feet,
At her feet.
We wished you the best in life…
We the villagers,
Were awed by your conquests,
Were amazed by your feats,
But unfortunately,
You had become a stranger,
A stranger to your own people,
A stranger to your own source of life,
But you had always been the strange one in the clan…

You travelled,
Through the capitals of the world,
New York,
And yes,
The list is endless….

But finally,
The news reached us,
The sad news,
That you were found dead,
In your hotel room,
In Las Vegas,
What a plain pain,
It was,
To loose,
Such an illustrious and dear stranger,
Though you had left us,
And forgot all about us,
In the village…

Now, here I am,
Silently wondering,
If those silvery nights,
We spent on wishing upon a star,
Were indeed lost nights.

What a famous Sibling…

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013