Own Company

Mighty silence serenades my purchased intent.
Much silence morphs into salient allures.
Alone, I retreat onto distant places in the mind.
Solititude keeps this company to me, availing solitary muses.
Sedentary ruses refuse spent notions.
Alone I keep a company.
Own company.
Easily a crowd crowds out certain aspirations.
Alone I’m immersed in personal bliss.
Time passes by, blowing I some breezy kisses.
Time whispers ancient secrets.
Time bade a goodbye to a solitary stranger.
Own company I keep to refute alleged repute.
Ceaseless and engulfing sentiments wane.
Alone I converse with my demons.
Alone I hold court with my gods.
Spiriting a desire to ether world  glorifies my id.
Chilly night wishes breezes past my vista.
In vain I claim lost glory in own company.

© copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee



Lurking, hoovering in silence
Quietly watching and a constant companion
Uncertainty prevails
Fear is masked in darkness
Guilt is tangible
Dread is always at hand
Pain is glorified
Dead wishes complement lost hopes
In shadows, life cowers
In shadows, a future is dead
In shadows, we live.

© Copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee