Own Company

Mighty silence serenades my purchased intent.
Much silence morphs into salient allures.
Alone, I retreat onto distant places in the mind.
Solititude keeps this company to me, availing solitary muses.
Sedentary ruses refuse spent notions.
Alone I keep a company.
Own company.
Easily a crowd crowds out certain aspirations.
Alone I’m immersed in personal bliss.
Time passes by, blowing I some breezy kisses.
Time whispers ancient secrets.
Time bade a goodbye to a solitary stranger.
Own company I keep to refute alleged repute.
Ceaseless and engulfing sentiments wane.
Alone I converse with my demons.
Alone I hold court with my gods.
Spiriting a desire to ether world  glorifies my id.
Chilly night wishes breezes past my vista.
In vain I claim lost glory in own company.

© copyright 2012 Ayoub Mzee