Not Yet Gone

When the phone rings,
I jump thinking it is you calling,
When Alexander O’neal plays on the radio,
I shudder with warm memories of you,
When the sun is going down,
And the nubile night is inviting herself over,
And the stars are longing to shine,
I am reminded of you,
I think of you,
I long for you,
But I remember that you are gone…

But you are not gone yet,
You are still here with me,
The warm tears of your remembrance,
Rolling down these cheeks is you,
The alluring and mystic scents of the night floating in the air is you,
The sweet and melodious ballads playing in the wind is you,
You are not gone yet,
You are still here,
You are the love in this heart,
You are the grace in this soul,
You will never go away,
You are not yet gone,
I softly whisper to the gentle breeze,
As I quietly place a single stem of a white rose upon your grave…
And think I can feel your warm and soft smile find your welcoming lips…


The Coffin Maker

He minds his business at hand.
Polishing his caskets,
And with such tender care.
He steps back,
Just to check his handiwork.

How he wishes,
To have more customers.
Then his business would thrive.
A macabre business.
Where death is a source of livelihood.

He looks at me keenly,
As I cross the street.
I can read his mind clearly from here.
He is wondering,
When shall I lie down… dead.
Another customer.

I make quick steps away from him
And his evil gaze.
It is too early,
To be reminded of the certain date with destiny.
I refuse to be another customer today…

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013

I Have Learnt.

I have learnt
That life is fragile.
That life is temporary.
That tomorrow is just a promise.
That yesterday is a spent cash.
That today is my only time.
That I should never take anything for granted.
That What be can be done today should be done today.
That I should be grateful for the gift of life.
That nothing is permanent in this life.
This I have learnt.
I have learnt well.

© 2012 Ayoub Mzee